Ultimate Fighting Championship


In 2006, I was in Brazil watching MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) on television and I was struck by its link with the Roman Gladiators, and that gave me an inspiration.


Two fighters, Fedor Emelianenko and Randy Couture, above anyone else, fit the gladiator role and I started to work on a new project with the goal to bring these two fighters inside the Roman Coliseum.


My first objective was to introduce this sport to the public in Italy. In 2006, I managed to sell UFC TV PPV and PAY TV programs to Sky Italy and personally followed the production as well as marketing on the Italian side until 2008.


Italian Football Federation


My first job in the sport entertainment business concerned the advertisement rights of the Italian Football Federation.


During this time, I was involved in the management and execution of the advertisement and P.R. of 100 matches and the organization of the hospitality and logistic of the Italian delegation for the 2000 UEFA Cup (Holland/Belgium) as well as the 2002 FIFA Cup (Japan/Korea).


In 2000 I introduced and commercialized the Italian Sponsor Hospitality Village.

FightFootball League

Ferrarelle Tiber Rowing Cup